Consenting to Heal

One more thing from my experience with the naturopath. She had me sign a consent to heal form that I actually thought was a pretty great reminder of the role we play in our healing and treatment plan. I’ll share the whole thing, but one thing that gave me pause was agreeing to “acknowledge and rejoice in all improvement in my health.”

I love this and as I read it, I realized I hadn’t really been doing it. I’ve been so concerned about people understanding what I’m going through, that I probably have been focused on the negative rather than the positive. So when my friend asked me how I was doing and told me I was looking a lot healthier, rather than the “yes, but” or “I’m doing OK, but” flustering statements I usually come back with, I said, “You know what, I really am feeling a lot better. I think my treatment is working. It’s not perfect, but the pain is down and my energy is up, so, yes, I’m doing good.”

Here it is in full:


  • I consent to minimize complaining, blaming, irony and sarcasm because I know that they contribute to illness and make it harder to get well.
  • I consent to maximize praise and gratitude by expressing these toward myself and others as I understand that this will help me get well.
  • I consent to minimize all obsessive worrying and concern about anything at all, including my health problems, because this can make it difficult for me to get well.
  • I consent to acknowledge and rejoice in all improvement in my health.
  • I consent to acknowledge all fear of getting well and any gain I get from staying sick so that I can release what hinders my ability to get well.
  • I consent to minimize and eliminate all behavior that undermines or sabotages my healing.
  • I realize that I deserve to be well.

There you go, I hope you got as much out of this simple form as I did. It’s at least food for thought. You can see more notes from my naturopath visit here.

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