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Living Without Limits

Me making the descent off the mountain.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein

I had the type of weekend that can replenish your spirits and remind you that your disease is, to some extent, limiting only to the degree you allow it to be. I’m not saying that the pain you feel isn’t real or that the physical restrictions aren’t there, they are and I feel for you. I’m saying that the desire to shut down and decide things will be too hard to try is enticing.

It’s easy to think your disease wouldn’t allow you to go to that party or take part in that event – thoughts of fatigue, joint pain and worse circle your mind. This thinking is cyclical in that it makes you feel even more limited, thus making you want to try even less.

So this weekend I threw that thinking to the wind. I climbed a 13,574′ mountain, went camping, then followed it up with climbing a 14,067′ mountain for good measure. It was challenging, I think every muscle in my body is sore today, my wrists and ankles are extra tender, and it felt great.

Living a RAD life is not about being limited. It’s about moving beyond limitations.

It’s about setting BIG goals, and then setting the mini-goals to help get you there.

See that rock halfway to the halfway point? I’m climbing there. See that patch of grass halfway from here? That’s my new goal. Choose a landmark halfway to your big goal, get there, then choose a new halfway point. Then a new one. Then a new one until you are only a step away from that goal.

Living a RAD life is about knowing your body, but also challenging it. It’s about taking care of yourself mentally and physically, while pushing the boundaries further.

It’s about feeling alive. And if you are reading this, you are most definitely alive and have every reason in the world to celebrate.

Cheers to you. It’s your life, RA or not, live it without limits.


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Dealing with RA

Dealing with RA

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