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Can You Have It All With RA?

This blogger poses the question of whether you can have it all – a successful career and family – AND RA.

It struck me because I was recently contemplating a post about the struggles of being an entrepreneur with a chronic disease.

Like many careers, founding a company is highly time-consuming, stressful and mentally taxing. All things most rheumatologists will recommend you avoid.

“Take it easy and live a less stressful life,” they’ll wisely tell you.

These doctors don’t work at a technology start-up. This is demanding work where the variables are always changing, money’s always lacking, and stress is always high.

But, hours can be somewhat flexible and you’re rarely, if ever, expected to wear heels.

I’m managing this balance of being an entrepreneur, with all the ups and downs, long hours, and uncertainty, with having RA, and all the doctor’s appointments, blood tests, drugs, brain fogs, pain, swelling, headaches and fatigue that goes with it. But add a family to the mix and I struggle to imagine it working.

Let’s hope I sell my company for a billion dollars before I settle down and have a family (hey, here’s hoping). 🙂

How are you balancing it “all”?

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