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Five Secrets of Toughness

Alright, it may be my own fault for having two blogs under one identity on WP, but why won’t it let me reblog in two places?

At any rate, I loved Jim’s post about ultramarathoner’s secret to toughness and wanted to reblog it here on My RAD Life.



Monday Morning Motivation

The last couple weeks have been tough. I moved into a new condo and, very ambitiously repainted the whole thing and did all the moving myself. This of course led to long days and nights and completely messed up my schedule.

Not only was I exhausted from the grind of repetitive paint strokes and heavy lifting, when my schedule gets off, a bizarre sort of insomnia sets in. I’m exhausted, but I can’t fall asleep. I’m in bed, but my mind is wide awake and I’m hyper aware of every ache and pain in my body.

Needless to say, my workout schedule got off track. This only led to my sleep schedule going further down the late night rabbit hole, leading to more pain.

So late last week, I decided I had to reset. I forced myself to get up Wednesday morning to run, despite being up until about 2am reading to try to turn my brain off. Than, Thursday, I made myself wake up to lift some weights. I took the weekend off to do a lot of apartment rearranging and resting, and this morning, I’m proud to say I woke up before my alarm feeling well rested.

Hopefully this means my schedule is finally reset and I can go back to less insomnia and less pain.

For those of you out there stuck in a routine that’s not working for you, my advice is simple: break the cycle. I know, I know, WAY easier said than done. But I didn’t say it wasn’t going to suck, or that you had to be graceful. The point is just to bust out of your rut in anyway available to you. Sometimes baby steps only take you so far, sometimes it takes a leap (or, if your feet hurt, one giant, gentle step :).

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