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In the past month, I’ve done a lot of research on the topic of RA. I’ll try to post all the relevant info and links here, as well as links to my favorite blogs. Feel free to share/send me the sites and info you find too!

RAD blogs: (Learn from other people’s experiences!)

The Single Gal’s Guide to RA:
Sara writes about being a 30-something women with RA. Oftentimes funny, honest and hopeful, she records her experiences on things from dating to drugs (RA drugs, that is).

Rheumatoid is a Funny Word:
A 22-year-old university student chronicles her experiences with RA (diagnosed in 2011) honestly and candidly.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy:
Getting a guy’s perspective is great, and RA guy has a courageous, often humorous take on life with RA. I also love his profiles of other RA “superheros.”

RAD info:

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior:
It’s not a pretty site, but there’s a lot of great info here.
A place to find information and community. Lots of great shared stories here!

Research sites:

Nutrition & Diet:

Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet:
The respected nutritionist gives solid advice on diet and supplements that can help reduce inflammation.

WebMD – Can Your Diet Help Relieve RA?:
Some basic questions answered.

The World’s Healthiest Foods:
This site has basic info on anti-inflammatory foods as well as which foods to cut from your diet. It also talks about the diets that people with RA have had success with, including the Mediterranean Diet, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Gluten Free Society:
The name says it all, this site is a good resource for those considering a gluten free diet.


Warriors of Rawness:
Yummy raw recipes presented in a clear, pretty blog.

Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen:
Awesome, mostly vegan/raw recipes from cancer-survivor Kris Carr.


Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Take Me Home From The Oscars: Arthritis, Television, Fashion and Me by Christine Schwab
An honest look at her experience struggling with RA while hiding it during her career in television, and her success with Enbrel in fighting her RA into remission.

Conquering Rheumatoid Arthritis by Thomas F. Lee, PhD
I like this book because it’s by a doctor with RA. It’s hopeful for a cure, straightforward and, though a bit more on the science side (blood and genes and drugs, oh my!), it’s easy to understand.

Arthritis, Pregnancy and the Path to Parenthood by Suzie Edward May
Suzie chronicles her decision to get pregnant after being diagnosed with RA at age 27. Other accounts of parents with arthritis are interspersed throughout the book. It is the only book I’ve found on this topic!

Autoimmune Diseases:

The Autoimmune Epidemic: bodies gone haywire in a world out of balance – and the cutting-edge science that promises hope by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
This book sat on my shelf for awhile before I finally read it, and I’m happy to report that it was really good. The first person stories, including Donna’s, are heart-breaking and relatable, while the science really is hopeful. The pieces about our toxic environment leading to our autoimmune epidemic left me feeling a bit helpless and overwhelmed, but it was still a good, educational read.

The Last Best Cure: My Quest to Awaken the Healing Parts of My Brain and Get Back My Body, My Joy, and My Life by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Donna’s at it again in a well-written journey into the world of alternative therapy. Her goal is to bring more joy into her life, despite living with debilitating autoimmune diseases. Read my review here.


Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Way Back to Health by William Davis
This book delves into the science of why wheat may be bad for us. It’s focus is on weight loss instead of RA or autoimmune diets, but it’s still a good, informative read.

Hero Food by Seamus Mullens
Seamus is a Manhattan restaurateur who was diagnosed with RA. He shares gourmet recipes using the ingredients that he’s noticed best help manage his RA symptoms.


Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor by Kris Carr
It doesn’t have to be about cancer. Kris is a survivor and by the end of this book, you will be inspired to be a survivor too. Read more of my thoughts here.

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