Running and the Sundance Film Fest

I ran the longest I’ve ever run this weekend – 17 miles! My marathon training friend and I combined a 5-mile race, a 2-mile in between run, and a 10-mile race, for one epic morning.

The run went pretty well. I was worn out after, and my legs definitely started feeling it around mile 13 or so. The great thing is that all the aches and soreness seems to be normal “I just ran 17 miles” pain, not Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. And that makes me so happy to be sore. ๐Ÿ™‚

On another note, I’m going to the Sundance Film Festival next week. This will be my second year going. I have mixed feelings about the event last year. It was a couple of months pre-diagnosis, and I was struggling to be normal and figure out what the hell was wrong with me. My feet were aching, my mood was low, and my energy was pretty non-existent.

The streets of Park City were snow-filled and icy, which made walking on uncooperative feet and poorly-chosen shoes one of the worst experiences of my life. Despite all that, we saw some great films and apparently I had enough fun that I signed up again.

This year’s gonna be a little different. First off, my feet are way better than they were a year ago. Second, I’m only packing ridiculously not-cute, but totally ice/snow appropriate shoes. Third, I can’t drink.

As Sesame Street would say, “One of those things is not like the other!” That’s right, not drinking at Sundance is really not something I’m particularly looking forward to. Drinking is kind of part of the Sundance culture – where celebs drink and bars and clubs literally pop up over night. So everyone I’m going with is understandably excited to party. Hopefully with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I, however, just got back a blood test that shows that my over-worked liver enzymes are once again elevated. This is a fun side effect of taking Methotrexate, which happens to be a chemotherapy drug that’s pretty hard on your liver.ย  So, that’s fun.

My friend was excitedly talking about the parties and how our friend is psyched to be ending a detox with a drink-fueled weekend at Sundance. Great. So I told her that I was worried that the whole thing was going to be drinking and I may be seeing more movies than all my friends to avoid the bar scene. To which she replied, “You’re not drinking??!!?” Uh, yeah, still got that disease goin’ on…and still on that drug…which you know because we hang out all the time…so, yeah, I’m not drinking.

I’m trying to look on the sunny-side though, because I’d rather be sober and enjoying Sundance pain-free, than be drinking to try and dull the pain in my feet, making it all the more difficult to walk (go denial-style logic!).

Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Tony Danza posing for pics at this year’s Sundance. (January 18, 2013 – Source: Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America)

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