You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party

This was me, sans martini. 😉

I threw a bachelorette party for my best friend this Saturday. I wanted things to be absolutely perfect for her. And since I didn’t know many of her friends, I wanted to make sure it was perfect for them as well.

As the weekend approached, I was getting nervous. What if I didn’t have the stamina to make it all night? What if my feet started aching? Would I even have fun, not being able to drink because of the methotrexate?

I’m happy to report it really was better than I could have ever imagined. The night was a blast and everyone had a great time. I struggled a bit at the end, but I partied (sober) with the best of them, finally falling asleep at the hotel room, having girl talk with my best friend about her soon-to-be husband.

I know that I should be aware of my body and respect its limitations, but it felt good to push myself more and (mostly) forget about my disease for awhile.

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